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A Trulli Special Wedding Day

Chances are you’ve seen these little houses before, whether you’ve spotted them on your Instagram feed or visited Puglia in person and glimpsed their little stone roofs peppering the countryside of the Itria Valley. Perhaps you’ve even stayed in one, in the charming villages of Alberobello or Locorotondo. Trulli, those ancient stone cottages with stacked conical roofs, are unique to the region and have become an iconic symbol of Puglia. Restored trulli venues are also among our most requested for weddings in Puglia, and we can see why.

The history of trulli houses dates back to the 17th Century, when they were built to house both farm laborers and animals. There are lots of theories on the origin of this distinct architectural style, but the most popular one points to an avoidance of property taxes. It is thought that the dry stone walls and roof could be easily dismantled when the tax inspector was in town! That said, there were numerous practicalities to the design too: the combination of thick stone and tiny windows made for a cool shelter from the Summer heat; meat and other food products were often hung inside the roof to dry cure or smoke; livestock could be housed alongside farm workers to oversee them, grain or hay was stored in loft-like structures accessible from an outside stepway… the list goes on.

Nowadays, many trulli have been restored and converted into living accommodation, vacation rentals, hotels and wedding venues. Since they are protected by UNESCO heritage law, there are very strict regulations to follow in their restoration, making for a very authentic and historically accurate representation in trulli venues today.

Trulli-style venues are a beautiful choice for a wedding celebration and one of my favourite to organise. The fairytale-like setting means that very little embellishment is needed to create a magical feel. Think white lights strung high over the rooftops, crisp tablecloths against a backdrop of ancient stone and olive leaves from the surrounding groves in the décor. Since the buildings are clustered together, it has the look and feel of a little village. Should you decide to stay a few nights, that setup is ideal as it grants the newlyweds some privacy, while keeping family and friends close by. It looks like an absolute dream and you and your guests will feel like you’re in one. We have a number of these dreamy venues to show you, perfect for couples who are planning any type of celebration, from elopements to very large events. Get in touch to discover the possibilities.

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